Rory MacDonald’s Trainer sets the record straight on steroid accusations

Posted on Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011 at 6:16 pm

Rory MacDonaldCanadian UFC rising star Rory MacDonald’s longtime trainer David Lea responds to accusations that the young UFC star has beefed up recently due to steroid abuse. MacDonald has been fighting since he was sixteen years old. The Kelowna, BC native has worked his way up the ranks through the such organizations as King of the Cage(Lightweight Champion) and Extreme Fighting Challenge. Nicknamed “The Waterboy” for his boyish looks MacDonald has always been a boy fighting amongst men.  Now after dismantling Nate Diaz at UFC 129 many keyboard critics are suggesting that the young phenom is using performance enhancing drugs. Acne, muscle mass and pure raw strength have led some to immediately refer to steroid use. This seems to be baseless as “The Waterboy” is coming into his own with his physical growth. After being asked about these accusations by the people at this is what Lea had to say…

“That’s really a rumor?” Lea asked with an incredulous laugh. “That’s pathetic. Rory has had acne issues since he first came into my club at age 14, as do many teenagers and young adults. Rory eats perfectly, trains like a beast and doesn’t drink, smoke or do drugs. The last thing he would do is steroids. Why would he? He already has the testosterone levels of a super athletic 21-year-old, for f*ck sakes.”

Also in the article Cage Potato pointed out some key factors to help shed some light on the issue at hand. Check it out and let us know what your thoughts are on these ridiculous claims.

Anonymous fans and keyboard warriors alike have taken to Internet forums and message boards to voice their opinion that because 21-year-old Canadian wunderkind Rory MacDonald put on some extra muscle since his last Octagon appearance more than ten months ago, and because demonstrated such explosive strength by executing a trio of third-round suplexes on opponent Nate Diaz, and because “The Waterboy” had an apparent increase in his amount of body and facial acne, it must have been a pharmaceutical grade testosterone advantage that helped him cruise to victory in the fight.

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Posted by MMeh Fighter
Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011
  • Rugerk91

    Rory ROIDER trains with the biggets JUICER in MMA so why is it such a stretch.   GSP is on best HGH and undetectable steroids on the planet that only the most wealthy athletes can afford.  JUst my opinion and about a million other also

  • Lars Anderson

    Heard this tale before…then the truth eventually comes out.

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