About MMeh Fighter

MMeh Fighter Inc. is The New Canadian brand for MMA. Our company was formed in 2008, and our website mmehfighter.com features extensive MMA coverage, news and events. We are working hard to bring visibility, support and attention to our Canadian athletes and their organizations. We are enthusiastic in promoting the ever-growing sport of MMA and intend to continue promoting it both on-site and through our new and exciting brand of high quality apparel – a brand Canadians can call their own.

The MMeh Fighter team is extremely passionate and enthusiastic about the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. We are very proud to highlight everything Canadian to the world. It’s well known that Canada has the most loyal fans, producing some of the very best athletes around. We are dedicated to promoting Canadian MMA on a global platform. We hope you’ll support us in our vision and efforts. MMeh Fighter is not just a Canadian Brand; its a statement.

Contact Us

If you have any story ideas, would like to be featured on our site or want to simply get in touch with us, contact us at: inquiries@mmehfighter.com


MMehFighter.com is currently looking for advertisers who wish to reach a Canadian MMA Enthusiast audience. If you are interested please contact advertising@mmehfighter.com